NC Sealer

Nitro-Cellulose Sanding Sealer is an ample, semi gloss and quick - drying clear cellulose sealer which renders very fine sanding properties shortly after application. Field of application: MURGA Nitro-Cellulose sanding sealer is used for sealing under cellulose lacquers on all types of wood use prior to the application of cellulose clear lacquer. MURGA Nitro-Cellulose sanding sealer is further more well suited for finishing of less exposed surfaces such as the interior of drawers, cupboards etc. without top coating.

Technical Data
Drying Time Touch dry : 5 minutes
Thinner MURGA Nitro-cellulose Thinner
Covering Capacity 8.30/10 Sq.m / Liter (dependent on method of application and coat thickness for single coat only)
Specific Gravity Approximately .96 ± .02
Solid Contents Approx. 40% +-1% by weight
Method Of Application Spraying, brushing or with cloth pad
Packing 200ml, 500ml, 1 Liter and 4 Liter, 20 Liters drum.

Directions for use

MURGA Nitro-Cellulose sanding sealer is applied in 1 or 2 coats WET on wet on all kinds of wood. It cannot be used on old oil coatings.